S&S Design, ltd. is a full service production house offering lighting, scenic and video design complimented by custom FOH control packages. We provide highly skilled and knowledgeable lighting directors, media server operators and programmers to fit your production needs on any level.

Our founder, Alex Skowron, is a highly organized and motivated production designer/lighting director with over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, specializing in creating complete event and entertainment environments for musical concerts, corporate affairs and special events.

Proven ability to multi-task lighting, scenic and video design in all genres of entertainment. We possess national and international touring experience with a wide array of acts in a variety of venues. We are highly skilled and have deep professional experience in lighting, set and production design in a range of formats including concert, television, video, and special events.

Our core ability to understand the needs of the artist, translate them into creative, actionable designs and bring them to life, has served us well over the years. We maintain solid relationships with vendors supplying lighting, video, soft goods, prop & set construction. We also have a large, dedicated support network including directors, operators, programmers, drafters, graphic artists and content creators.

If you are interested in learning more about our production services, or are in need of professional touring crew, please feel free to call us in Chicago at 847.910.3462 or contact us via email form.

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